Tired and Aching Legs

Restless and aching legs can be a symptom of an underlying foot or leg condition. These are often the result of poor posture, ill-fitting shoes and bad foot and leg alignment. Or they can be due to overusing specific muscles. Most of us, at some time experience this discomfort. At Doveston health, we specialise in identifying the cause(s) of leg tiredness and pain, and provide a range of effective treatments to revitalise your muscles.

Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Options

Our podiatrists offer a thorough assessment to determine the cause of your leg discomfort. Our first port of call will be to investigate your foot alignment, gait (walking style), and circulatory assessments. We can offer readily available treatments and advice including shockwave therapy that aids the stimulation of tissue repair within minor muscle strains/strains. We can prescribe orthotics/insoles to help correct foot mechanics and relieve abnormal pressure on muscles during activity.

Personalized Exercise Plans and Footwear Recommendations

We can demonstrate exercises that target specific areas of weakness; these exercises can help introduce specific blood flow to tired muscles, via the establishment of new blood vessels. We can advise on footwear to support your arch posture during long periods of standing and endurance walking. For those of you who experience fatigue due to vascular insufficiency, we have the qualifications and facilities to prescribe compression.