Kids and Toe Walking

Sometimes children walk on their toes instead of on their whole foot. This looks like standing on the tip toes. The muscles of the leg are too tight causing the child to walk on their toes. Most children outgrow toe walking. Kids who persist to toe walk beyond three years of age or who have other developmental delays should be referred to a physician. The cause of toe walking is unknown.

Addressing Clumsiness in Children

Tripping or clumsiness in children can stem from various factors, including gait abnormalities, muscle weaknesses, or other developmental quirks. At Doveston Health, our team of professionals specializes in assessing and addressing these issues to help children gain more confidence in their movements.

We begin with a full assessment, examining:

  • Foot structure
  • Alignment
  • Gait
  • Muscle strength testing
  • Muscle coordination

Based on this comprehensive evaluation, the treatment plan will often include:

  • Various types of strengthening exercises
  • Physical therapy to improve coordination
  • Customized orthotics to correct alignment issues
  • Guidance on appropriate shoe wear to support foot structure and minimize tripping

At Doveston Health, we pride ourselves on providing the utmost personal and professional care for your child’s needs. Our goal is to promote their growth and development, allowing them to move with confidence and freedom. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your child overcome clumsiness and improve their mobility.