Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the method we use to assess the way you walk or run and identify if there are any abnormalities or inefficiencies that will cause pain or injury. By providing the comprehensive gait analysis service we can help to diagnose issues such as overpronation, muscular imbalances or structural problems that are affecting the way you walk.

Understanding Gait Analysis

We will also conduct a thorough biomechanical exam, taking a close look at your posture, foot movement, and gait. We will use any information that we glean from this to form a treatment regimen that is customised to your specific needs. This could involve things like custom orthotics, particular exercises, or even just a change in footwear.

We can improve your walking – from foot strike to arm swing – for enhanced mobility, reduced pain and injury prevention. By tackling these issues, we can enhance your form and movement efficiency along with it – whether you’re an athlete or just looking to walk more comfortably.

The Importance of Proper Footwear

If you’re like most runners, you know what it’s like to finally discover the “right” running shoe after some experimentation. And, just any shoe won’t do; you have to have one that matches your individual mechanics (or gait) otherwise you could find yourself hurting more than you are living a healthy lifestyle. That’s where a gait analysis comes to the rescue. Many running injuries result from inappropriate or ill-fitting footwear, so don’t confine yourself to an NUMMI gait analysis. Come to us. We have an experienced team providing regular gait analysis clinics for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Excelling in all areas of sports medicine, Doveston Health is here to help you reach your full potential and to avoid the perils of run-specific injuries. Let us guide you to healthier walking or running. Book your gait analysis today.