Kids Sore Feet

Children may experience sore feet for a number of different reasons. Some of these may include; hypermobility (flat feet and or rolled in ankles), overuse and or incorrect footwear. At Doveston Health our podiatrists understand that sore feet can affect your child's participation and engagement in life.

Expert Care for Children’s Foot Pain

Our podiatrists have specialized expertise in identifying what is sore, why it may be sore, and how to effectively treat the cause of your child’s foot pain. We start our evaluations by looking at his/her feet and taking certain aspects of the feet i.e. alignment, posture, and gait. These are important in determining what is causing the leg pain and how to stop it. Many of our treatment plans include rest, ice, stretching, and proper shoe wear. These should help to alleviate the discomfort your child is experiencing.

Occasionally, depending on your child’s needs, our podiatrists might recommend orthotics/insoles. Orthotics/insoles can correct the way your child’s feet move in a way that helps reduce excessive strain on your child’s feet and legs and help to prevent recurrent injury as well as help your child’s overall growth.

Here at Doveston Health, we are a team, committed to keeping your little ones on their feet and enjoying their every activity. We share hundreds of children’s hopes and dreams every year. Doveston Health is a business but it is also a vision. A vision to do away with all those children who are unable to enjoy their childhood fully, a vision to promote good foot health both in private practices and within the community.