Footwear Advice

Diabetic foot checks are routine examinations performed by healthcare professionals to assess the foot health of individuals with diabetes. These checks are crucial because diabetes can lead to nerve damage and poor circulation in the feet, making them vulnerable to various complications such as ulcers, infections, and even amputation if not properly managed.

Professional Footwear Advice

Footwear is crucial in maintaining good foot health especially if you suffer from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, and a host of other conditions. Doveston Health supplies professional footwear advice to ensure your shoes offer the correct support, the correct alignment, and provide comfort all day long. We assess your foot structure, the way in which you walk, and the problems you currently encounter to pinpoint the absolute best footwear for you.

We will be looking at things such as the arch support, the cushioning, and the fit to reduce the number of pressure points and to keep your feet comfortable. We can also direct you towards trainer-style shoes if you take part in sport so that you can reduce your risk of injury and maximize your performance. If you require orthotics in your shoes or any other devices to help you walk properly, we will tell you what kind of shoes you should be looking for.