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What is an NDIS Podiatrist?

An NDIS Podiatrist is an allied health professional who is trained to assess, diagnose and treat a range of foot and lower limb conditions. These can include skin and nail conditions, foot and leg pain, diabetes related foot complications, arthritic conditions and gait/walking abnormalities.

NDIS Podiatry

How can we help our NDIS Participants?

Our NDIS Podiatrists are experienced in assisting with the complexities that can accompany living with a disability. NDIS Podiatry services can be offered in the clinic or in the home, and can assist participants with a range of disabilities, including but not limited to cerebral palsy, post-stroke, muscular dystrophy, CMT, arthritic conditions, and ataxia. Our services encompass all aspects of foot and leg care, including general foot care such as nail cutting and management of dry/thick skin, exercise and strengthening programs, orthotic therapy to correct abnormal foot biomechanics, and ankle-foot orthoses to correct gait abnormalities such as foot drop.

Participant Success Story

Brad is a 41 year old NDIS participant who was born with cerebral palsy. He first attended Doveston Health to receive NDIS Podiatry services in 2019. When he initially presented to the clinic, he was suffering from chronic heel pain and chronic ingrown toenails. After consulting with one of our NDIS Podiatrists, Brad was fitted with custom foot orthotics that corrected his flat and pronated feet that led to his chronic plantar fasciitis (heel pain). He also received 6 sessions of shockwave therapy to treat the injury. Following this, Brad’s heel pain was completely relieved for the first time in years. Additionally, Brad also attends monthly podiatry appointments to manage his ingrown toenails and has not had an issue since he commenced his current treatment plan.


All services (travel, report writing and treatment) are billed under the one code at the same price, based on the service. Travel will be billed for hydrotherapy and home visits according to time taken to and from clinic. All invoices have the patient’s NDIS number, plan dates and length of appointment as per NDIA requirements


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