Workplace Wellness with Doveston Health, Morayfield

Empower your workforce with Doveston Health's comprehensive Workplace Health Services, ensuring a safe and productive environment for all.

Prioritize Workplace Well-being with Doveston Health's Comprehensive Workplace Health Services in Morayfield, QLD.

At Doveston Health, we recognize the importance of a healthy and safe work environment for both employers and employees. That's why we're dedicated to offering a range of Workplace Health Services tailored to meet the needs of businesses in Morayfield and beyond.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

Support your employees in their journey back to work with our vocational rehabilitation services. Our experienced team will work closely with individuals to develop personalized plans aimed at restoring their confidence, skills, and readiness for the workplace.

Job Preparation Assistance:

Prepare your workforce for success with our job preparation assistance programs. Whether it's resume building, interview skills, or job search support, we'll help your employees navigate the path to employment with confidence.

Initial Needs Assessment:

Identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement with our initial needs assessment services. Our thorough evaluations will provide valuable insights into your workplace health and safety practices, allowing you to make informed decisions to enhance productivity and well-being.

Manual Handling Training:

Reduce the risk of workplace injuries with our comprehensive manual handling training programs. From proper lifting techniques to ergonomic principles, we'll equip your team with the knowledge and skills to safely perform their duties.

Workplace Ergonomics:

Promote comfort and productivity with our workplace ergonomics solutions. Our ergonomic assessments will identify potential hazards and recommend practical adjustments to optimize the work environment for your employees.

Worksite Assessments:

Ensure compliance and safety with our worksite assessment services. Our experienced professionals will conduct thorough evaluations of your workplace to identify potential hazards and recommend practical solutions to mitigate risks.

Injury Management Services:

Streamline your injury management process with our comprehensive injury management services. From initial assessment to rehabilitation, we'll work closely with your team to facilitate a smooth and efficient recovery process for injured employees.

Pre-Employment Medicals:

Protect your workforce and mitigate risk with our pre-employment medical assessments. Our thorough evaluations will help ensure that prospective employees are fit for the job, reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries and absenteeism.


Monitor and assess respiratory health with our spirometry services. Our experienced practitioners will conduct accurate lung function tests to identify potential respiratory issues and provide recommendations for further evaluation or treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Testing:

Promote a safe and drug-free workplace with our drug and alcohol testing services. Our comprehensive testing programs are designed to detect substance abuse and deter unsafe behavior, helping to protect your employees and your business.


Protect your employees' hearing health with our audiometry services. Our certified audiologists will conduct thorough hearing tests to identify potential hearing loss and provide recommendations for hearing protection and management.

At Doveston Health, we're committed to supporting the health and well-being of your workforce. Contact us today to learn more about how our Workplace Health Services can benefit your business and help create a safer, healthier workplace for all.


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