Professional Audiometric Screening Services in Morayfield, QLD

Our allied health professionals conduct tests in accordance with AS/NZS 1269 standards, detecting early changes in hearing levels and implementing necessary protective measures.

Audiometric Screening

The hearing of workers exposed to noise can be monitored through regular audiometric tests. Testing is an important part of a hearing conservation program to manage risks from noise exposure in a workplace. Any changes in a person’s hearing levels revealed by audiometric testing should be investigated as to their cause(s) and the need for corrective action.

Because occupational hearing loss happens gradually over time, workers often fail to notice changes in their hearing ability until a relatively large change occurs. By comparing audiometric tests from year to year, early changes can be detected and appropriate protective measures implemented to prevent further damage.

Audiometric testing should also be provided to workers exposed to acoustic shock in call centres or to workplace ototoxin’s (chemicals that may either alone, or when combined with noise, result in hearing loss).

Doveston Health’s audiometric testing is carried out by our appropriately trained allied health professionals using procedures and equipment that comply with Part 4: Auditory assessment of AS/NZS 1269: Occupational noise management.


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