Understanding the Purpose of Worksite Assessments

Conducted by rehabilitation providers, these assessments aim to gain insights into the challenges faced, available resources, and necessary strategies for problem alleviation. Assessments help generate suitable duties and graduated return-to-work programs.

What is the Purpose of the Worksite Assessment?

A worksite assessment is an extremely important component of the work rehabilitation/return to work program and is conducted to determine the personal requirements for satisfactory participation in chosen occupations for the individual.

The assessment can take many forms, one of these being the vocational assessment of the disabled worker. The purpose is for you (rehabilitation provider) to develop a clearer understanding of the problem, resources available, and strategies necessary to alleviate problems.

The assessment of the vocational ability of worker with an injury centres around their workplace, and as such, conducting an assessment of the workplace and evaluating the worker’s ability to complete required activities is essential.

Information gathered during a worksite assessment allows you to generate a suitable duties program, and also a graduated return to work program (providing advice on appropriate duties and hours) that assists injured workers return to work within a reasonable timeframe.

When is a Work Site Assessment Necessary?

A work site assessment maybe required when:

  • An injured worker is certified medically fit to perform restricted duties but the treating doctor has expressed concerns about issuing full medical clearance for pre-injury duties;
  • The availability and/or suitability of duties need to be ascertained;
  • The workplace of an injured worker requires assistance to understand the need for appropriate work restrictions and/or the best practices to ensure a return to work outcome;
  • The worker requires education on self -management strategies including the use of appropriate biomechanics, rest breaks and work pacing;
  • Advice is required regarding workplace design, modification, or provision of aids and appliances to maintain a durable return to work.

Outcomes of the Worksite Assessment will include:

  • Increased understanding of the size and nature of the workplace and the individual's role in it, including the potential for alternative enterprises.
  • The opportunity to discuss possible worksite modifications, task restructuring or the reassignment of certain activities to other employees.
  • To establish liaison between the employee and the employer
  • Identification of significant workplace barriers and functional limitations that prevent completion of required activities.
  • The opportunity to jointly identify goals aimed at helping the worker increase independence, productivity and profitability.


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