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What is an NDIS Exercise group?

Our NDIS exercise Groups are group-based exercise sessions for people of similar abilities for NDIS participants. The group setting of these sessions helps individuals work together, socialise and make friends, all while exercising and improving their overall health. The groups are tailored to the individual’s ability in the session so whether they’re wheelchair-bound, limited mobility or have behavioural concerns our groups work to be accommodating.

How can we help our NDIS Participants?

Monday Movers:

Our Monday Movers class is aimed towards school-age children aged 8-13yrs old with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other delayed development conditions. These sessions work to get their heart rate up in a fun and interactive way to help them focus on the school day ahead of them. evidence shows that getting 20mins of exercise before school has been seen to help improve concentration and reduce maladaptive behaviours in children with ASD.

Steady steppers:

Our Neuro based group works with Parkinson’s, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis patients to improve their mobility, balance and strength through group-based work. Whether it’s working on slowing the progression of their condition or building up their capacity once again Steady Steppers is an all-inclusive group class for generally middle-aged individuals in their 40-60s but can accommodate any age.


Our PhysiKids program is for kids under 14yrs old that have either slow or delayed development but allows them to bring a friend along for them to participate in the session with them. This group is specifically designed for kids that struggle in group settings and are generally considered shy. Bringing a friend can help them engage in the session with their friend acting like a social safety blanket while they exercise and get best out of the session


  • All services (travel, report writing and treatment) are billed under the one code at the same price, based on the service.
  • Travel will be billed for hydrotherapy and home visits according to time taken to and from clinic.
  • All invoices have the patient’s NDIS number, plan dates and length of appointment as per NDIA requirements

Group Exercise Classes Funding

Providers can only claim for supports that are related to the reasonable and necessary needs of a participant. When a support item is delivered to more than one participant at the same time (a group of participants) then, unless the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits states otherwise, the price limit for each participant is the applicable price limit set out in the relevant support table divided by the number of participants in the group.


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