3D Foot Scanning and Custom Orthotics in Morayfield, QLD

Visit our Morayfield QLD clinic for Foot Scanning and Custom Orthotics Services

3D Foot Scanning and Custom Orthotics

Doveston Health provides the most precise and individualised orthotic design through our 3D Scanning & Custom Orthotics service. With advanced 3D scanning technology, we accurately map the foot structure to analyse its individual attributes.

This method guarantees that your personalised orthotics are customised to offer the best possible assistance and alleviation of discomfort for issues like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and Achilles tendonitis.

Our expert podiatrists assess how you walk, stand, and move every day in order to design custom orthotics that enhance positioning and movement. The outcome is an orthotic remedy that not only fits flawlessly but also blends effortlessly into your daily routine, providing lasting assistance for a range of lower limb issues.


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