What is Plantar fasciitis?

Doveston Health is dedicated to treating plantar fasciitis as we know how painful this condition can be and how important it is to help you move and walk again. The thick layer of tissue causing you pain runs underneath your foot between your toes and heel bone, you could have experienced plantar fasciitis if the pain you have experienced focused on a sharp pain originating on the heel of your foot commonly.

Comprehensive Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis at Doveston Health

At Doveston Health our podiatrists use a combination of treatment varieties including; custom orthotics, physical therapy and even special exercises to stretch and improve your plantar fascia. A few of the more advanced treatments we use for plantar fasciitis will be suggesting shockwave therapy or particularly any anti-inflammatory medications.

At Doveston Health we offer a plan that will be perfect when dealing with most, if not all individuals. Our skilled podiatrists at Doveston Health will work closely with you the patient to make sure that they choose the perfect treatment and plan that is perfect for you as our goal is to get you walking and moving again without pain in your heel.