Kids & Unusual Walking

Children are increasingly becoming a part of the unusual walking movement. While some see this as a crime, it is actually proving to be an entertainment, with videos of children walking in a unique style actually going viral.

Observing Children’s Walking Patterns

A number of people, however, have attempted a similar style and feel it is actually quite difficult to do while children are seemingly managing this perfectly. Not only this, but children are also putting a bit of competition in the mix, with teenagers once again militarily running next to each other to see who can come up with the most original method of walking.

This is proving true after a group of teenagers were walking in what seems to be discovered by them a completely new style, where they would carry the weight of their body on one leg. This then, however, became very common to many other teenagers, therefore maybe we should catch up on all the new kids’ schools and learn how to walk in heels?!

One of the most noticeable features of many developmental problems in children is an unusual gait pattern or the way a child walks. This issue may be a sign of a larger concern that is affecting your child’s growing body. At Doveston Health, our team of professionals can assess the abnormal gait to find out whether there is a problem and utilize evidence-based treatment to promote appropriate growth and mobility. For Example: Limping Ankle, Toe walking, In-turning, all in-toeing.

Comprehensive Gait Analysis and Customized Treatment

Our team of Podiatrists conducts a comprehensive gait analysis and provides an accurate diagnosis of your child’s foot structure and movement to enable a full understanding of their condition and cause of unusual gait [walking pattern]. We may prescribe custom orthotics for correctly aligning the child’s foot if required and provide physical therapy exercises for strengthening muscles, and/or advice on correct footwear.

Our goal is to provide gentle, effective treatments that promote long-term foot health, as we emphasize early intervention to prevent future complications and to make sure that your child can maintain a normal and healthy, active lifestyle.

If your child tends to walk strangely or they often trip, let Doveston Health make a personal care plan for you to ensure that their development is still going in the right direction.