Cramps in Your Feet

Foot cramps can be an intense and abrupt episode of pain, often caused by tight muscles or muscle fatigue, dehydration, over exercising, or a lack of nutrients in your diet. Here at Doveston Health we provide specialised care to develop an understanding of the cause and intensity of your foot cramps and provide you with an effective treatment for now and into the future.

Treatment of Feet Cramps

Our highly regarded podiatrists will gain an understanding of your past and present medical history and lifestyle factors to identify the cause of your cramping. Stretching exercises may be recommended to relieve tight muscles, changes to diet could be made to address any nutritional deficiencies and your level of hydration may also be assessed to ensure your muscles are working well.

For some, this issue may stem from a structural anomaly such as flatfeet placing strain on nearby muscles. In such cases we may prescribe custom orthotics or supportive shoes to reduce the strains placed on your foot muscles.

At Doveston Health we have seen firsthand the benefits of an all-encompassing treatment plan dedicated to improving your activity levels by managing and controlling your pain.