Senior Exercise Physiologist

Nathan Rose

Nathan Rose is an enthusiastic exercise physiologist driven by his lifelong passion for sports and his personal experiences with injuries. He specializes in strength coaching and injury rehabilitation, helping individuals achieve their best physical and mental states. Nathan particularly enjoys working with diabetes patients, guiding them towards a happy and healthy lifestyle post-diagnosis.

More about Nathan

Why did you become an EP?
I've always had a passion for sport and growing up played a lot, which unfortunately for me ended up with several injuries. I had an interest in how rehabilitation worked but also increasing performance not just for athletes, but for those wanting to better themselves physically and mentally.
My passions around exercise physiology is getting people from where they are at the moment to where they want to be, or returning them to an activity/something they love to be doing in life, whether its lifting certain weight, playing sport, being able to pick up the kids or return to their job pain free.
I have a soft spot for strength coaching/injury rehabilitation by showing people or athletes coming back from injury how much they can actually achieve by small adjustments in movements and weights inside and outside of the gym. I also love working with people who have Diabetes, helping them manage their possibly new lifestyle due to diagnosis, and letting them know that they can still live a happy healthy life.
It's very hard to pick, but I can never go past Pizza, chicken wings and Ice cream. I don't discriminate against flavours or toppings, they are all amazing to me.
Favourite exercises would have to be a Squat or Olympic lifts. They translate so well over to real-world application and look when complete really well.
Unfortunately no pets at the moment, but I am happy to pat any dog and/or cat that's ne