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While lifting a heavy object you can get a jerk on your back which can lead to a back injury making the daily tasks and body movement slightly more difficult. Pills can be one solution but physiotherapy opens a new chain of benefits that helps your body in the long run.

Our bodies experience a variety of injuries or illnesses that have an adverse effect on swift body movement. Physiotherapy will help you restore that swiftness. It helps improve your physical activity while helping you to prevent further injuries.

As physiotherapists, through our knowledge and experience, we understand your pain points and recognize the root cause of your injuries. Before prescribing the exercises to you, we assess your health and special medical needs, and then design a special routine for you, the kind that can holistically improve your body movements.

  • Movement and exercise: It includes strengthening, moving, and balancing through physical exercises
  • Manual therapy: Passive Movement or manipulation of joints and soft tissues. It includes mobilizing joints in specific directions and at varying speeds to help regain movement or passive movements of the affected joint.
  • Ultrasound: deep heating to increase blood circulation and promote healing. Furthermore, it will also postulate to improve the rate of healing and enhance the quality of tissue repair.
  • Dry needling: It is the insertion of tiny needles into the skin to relieve pain and inflammation. It’s been shown to aid with pain relief and muscular activation and strength in diseases including low back pain and stroke.
  • Hydrotherapy: performing exercises in the water to avoid overstressing joints, involves exercising in a warm shallow pool with a temperature of 33-36ºC
  • Traction: stretching of the spine to relieve pressure off the vertebral disc

You may wonder how physiotherapy helps? It is because, either you are suffering from chronic pain, injured and want to live a quality pain-free life.

In this article, we will walk through how does physiotherapy works and how it can help you live a better life.

Physiotherapy is a treatment or therapy that helps you restore your mobility and function. It helps you alleviate your chronic Back Pain, Joint Pain, Hip Pain, Neck Pain, and Injuries.

Physiotherapy helps people who are suffering from any medical condition and are unable to do their regular and normal chores of work.

We have known that your ability to do your daily task decreases when you are in pain it is a bit difficult to perform your daily chores and things you love to do.

Research and study show that physiotherapy is helpful in the treatment of various musculoskeletal problems. A customize integrative physiotherapy program will not only help to get rid of the pain but will also improve your overall wellbeing.

What Does a Physiotherapist do in Morayfield, Australia?

Before your physiotherapy treatment starts, a licensed physiotherapist will diagnosis your pain and condition and then will tell you the benefit of the same.

A Licensed therapist is a person who needs to acquire a license from the Australian Physiotherapy Association to perform or provide physiotherapy services.

Your health history is analysed and evaluated including health history reports and certain testing procedures, evaluation of posture, movement and flexibility and of muscle and joint motion and performance is also evaluated.

Once your evaluation is done, based on the report physical therapy treatment begins.

Once the physical therapy cycle is complete, we provide you with a diet plan and exercise plan which will help in boosting and faster recovery.

If you are suffering from any kind of pain that sign is enough for the need for physiotherapy. Apart from this if you get injured due to an accident such as an Auto accident Work accident Sleepwell phone accident truck accident motorcycle. Injury has happened to you then rehabilitation is most important at this time. A physiotherapist with his expertise can help u to control your pain and perform your daily task with ease and improve your overall wellbeing.

There are no limitations to physiotherapists but every pain that you are suffering from doesn’t require a physiotherapist. In a few cases, You can try taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen if the pain is not chronic and serious. If medicine doesn’t help to get rid of the pain then in such a situation physiotherapy is needed.

Physiotherapist Role and Responsibilities

Physiotherapy is a holistic healing approach toward treating the chronic pain of the patient and helping to boost the overall wellbeing of the patient. The physiotherapist doesn’t consult medication. You just need a certified and professional physiotherapist with a degree, who with your mind and body can alleviate ur healing processes.

Physiotherapists can help with pain relief, improving body mechanics to minimise discomfort, injury rehabilitation, preventing and reducing headaches, and improving blood circulation, blood pressure, and general health. Considering that physiotherapists do not prescribe medicines to aid in the healing process, this is rather impressive.

Physiotherapy uses modern techniques such as biofeedback machines, tens machines, nerve stimulators, and ultrasonic machines to provide you with the best care.

Physiotherapists can help a diabetic patient and most important person with bad blood circulation.

Physiotherapy will help you to improve blood flow and will help in managing and controlling diabetes.

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