What are the most common issues faced by NDIS Participants?

  • Service unavailability
  • Continuance of Care (Companies closing)
  • Trusted Company
  • Lack of communication with supporting health professionals
  • Excessive Travel Charges
  • Generic Treatment Provided
  • Clinics that are not appropriately equipped
  • Lack of Staff Training around Disability Care
  • Unable to schedule Family Bookings

What is the solution to this?

At Doveston Health, we complete a Participant Service Agreement in the initial appointment which allows our practitioners to assess participants' NDIS and personal goals. We also provide a 6-month plan in the service agreement which indicates the recommended number of visits and costs (fees adhere to NDIS schedule of fees including travel charges).

Practitioners send reports in a timely matter for participants' upcoming plans reviews and are always available to speak to support coordinators about how best to support participants during this process.

Our admin staff prebook participants' appointments in advance for the same time and day, making it easier for participants to plan their schedule but also remember. With a multidisciplinary team, this means appointments can be booked one after the other on the same day for convenience.

We are an established Allied Health business of over 8 years, prior to the implementation of NDIS, and have continuous referral relationships with GPs and specialists.

We believe in a patient-centered approach and pride ourselves on developing professional client-practitioner relationships by getting to know your participants individually. While tailoring our treatment to suit their needs and goals, we encourage support workers or family members to attend to assistance continuing care.

We have a full rehabilitation gym which is child and wheelchair-friendly including toilets, parking, doors, and treatment rooms, also including a chair lift to the second level gym if required.

Our staff are always refreshing their professional knowledge around disability care both individually and within the team for consistent treatment.

Our admin and allied health team look very forward to speaking with you and meeting your NDIS participants.