Senior Podiatrist

Evy Cailliau

Originally from Belgium, Evy is a multilingual podiatrist with a passion for health, human anatomy, and sports. She holds a BSc in Podiatry from the University of Artevelde and an MSc in Podiatric Surgery. Evy's expertise spans various areas, including musculoskeletal issues, nail surgery, and diabetic foot care.

More about Evy

01. About Evy Cailliau
I'm Evy, originally from Belgium, and I'm fluent in French, Flemish (Dutch), and English. My journey in the field of podiatry began with a deep-rooted passion for health, a fascination with human anatomy, and a love for sports. I pursued my academic path by earning a BSc in Podiatry at the University of Artevelde in Gent, Belgium. During my professional journey, I had the privilege of living and working in the UK as a Podiatrist. It was there that I continued my education, completing my MSc in Podiatric Surgery and even publishing my first article in Podiatry Now in 2020. Eventually, I made my way to Australia, where I currently reside. My expertise in podiatry spans various areas, including musculoskeletal (MSK) issues, nail surgery, verruca therapies/surgeries, Diabetic foot care, and routine podiatric care. I've also pursued additional courses in Joint Mobilisation Therapy, foot collective exercise rehab, and Dry Needling to expand my skill set.
02. Why I Became a Podiatrist:
My journey into podiatry was driven by my personal experiences with postural issues. I found tremendous relief through precise exercise programs and orthotic corrections, which ignited my passion for helping others through this field.
03. My Passions Outside of Work:
Beyond my work in podiatry, you'll often find me at my Thai Boxing club, engaging in Pilates sessions, or taking leisurely walks with my puppy, Amos. I'm an avid traveler and enjoy pursuing DIY projects and various art endeavors.
I'm most passionate about addressing postural issues, managing musculoskeletal pain (including tendinopathies, bunions, heel pain, and ankle rehab), handling chronic pain (such as OA and RhA), and aiding in injury/surgery recovery. I also take pleasure in other aspects of podiatry, including nail surgery, diabetic foot care, and routine podiatric care. My approach involves connecting with each patient individually to understand their unique goals, and I firmly believe in a hands-on and holistic approach to care.
When it comes to food, I have a soft spot for Thai cuisine, Mediterranean dishes, and dark chocolate.
In terms of exercise, I find immense satisfaction in Pilates, particularly exercises like clams and hip bridges. I also focus on exercises that enhance hip, ankle, and foot range of motion, as well as foot mobility drills.